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On this page I, the author, want to express my thanks to several projects. Without them this website could never exist in this form.


This page contains many kanji, readings and example words. As you can imagine I have not entered all of this Information manually. Most of the information has been obtained from the KANJIDIC2 and the JMDICT by the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group

Even for the manually edited kanji-cards those dictionaries are my main source.

Kanji Stroke Orders

The kanji-stroke-order diagrams seen on this homepage have been generated from the free kanji stroke order font by Tim Eyre.

I find those stroke-order diagrams even more useful than the animated stroke orders found on various websites.


The design of this website is based on the public domain web design Sinorca 2.0 by haran.

I am really grateful for this design as it allows me to concentrate on the content of the website without having to invest to much time into its appearance.